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McCaul op-ed on U.S.-Israel alliance published in The Hill

The Iranian threat has increased exponentially due to an influx of billions of dollars to the regime that resulted from the Obama administration’s flawed nuclear deal that provided sanctions relief to a tyrannical regime. Image Credit: The Hill

The Hill reports on Cuban sonic attack

More than 10 American diplomats were injured in a sonic attack in Cuba, which caused them to lose their hearing. Cuba is becoming a dangerous place for American diplomats and an investigation must be done to see whether the Cuban government is responsible for the attack. Image Credit: The Hill

The Hill reports on new dangerous malware

Hackers have created a new dangerous malware that quickly shuts down networks. This new malware is another example of how cyberattacks are becoming more widespread and why it is crucial to have an active cybersecurity unit at the Department of Homeland Security to prevent hackers from launching viruses, malware and trojan horses that could destroy …

The Hill reports on Iran producing a new ballistic missile

In response to new U.S. sanctions, Iran is starting production of a new ballistic missile designed to target aircraft and cruise missiles. Iran could use this missile to target our armed forces. Image Credit: The Hill