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McCaul on KXAN

I went on KXAN to talk about the recent Syrian missile strikes and how they benefit our country’s national security.

McCaul on Fox News

I talked about how the Syrian air strikes will help protect America’s national security in my new interview with Fox News.

McCaul on Good Day Dallas Fox 4

In my latest interview with Good Day Dallas Fox 4, I talked about the significance of the Syrian missile attacks.

CNN reports on the tomahawk missile attacks in Syria

The tomahawk missile attacks in Syria show that the United States will no longer tolerate blank threats against our country’s national security. We cannot work with tyrants that harm their own people and threaten the international community. Image Credit: CNN

Washington Post reports on ISIS reclaiming Palmyra

ISIS has reclaimed the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and continues to gain more territory in the Middle East at an alarming rate. It is clear that ISIS is not retreating – it is expanding and we must stop them now. Image Credit: The Washington Post

Breitbart reports on Texas security concerns about Syrian refugees

The Obama administration has still not provided enough information to local and state officials about whether Syrian refugees resettling in Texas pose a security threat. Without a comprehensive screening process, radical Islamist extremists could infiltrate Texas and launch new attacks. Image Credit: Breitbart