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The Washington Post reports on North Korea’s newest ballistic missile

On Sunday, North Korea launched its newest ballistic missile, which lasted 30 minutes and could be capable of carrying a warhead. This is an alarming development, as it shows that North Korea is getting closer to developing a missile that could reach the U.S. Image Credit: The Washington Post

SF Gate reports that North Korea continuing to develop nuclear weapons

North Korea’s reckless regime continues to develop nuclear weapons, despite warnings from other countries and sanctions. America needs to take decisive action against North Korea to prevent the country from launching an attack on our soil. Image Credit: SF Gate

Fox News reports on North Korea’s latest missile test

The latest missile test by North Korea shows that the country is a dangerous threat to America’s national security. We must continue paying attention to North Korea and work with the international community to stop the reckless regime from building a ballistic missile that could target the U.S. Image Credit: Fox News

McCaul op-ed on War on the Rocks about North Korea

North Korea continues to put America’s national security at risk by launching ballistic missiles and making threats against our country. The Trump administration needs to take action against North Korea by imposing more sanctions, cutting off funding and expanding America’s missile defenses. Image Credit: War on the Rocks