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CNN reports on the devastating crisis in Venezuela

Socialism and corruption have devastated the country of Venezuela. First Hugo Chavez, and now Nicolas Maduro have ruined the economy and have caused the suffering of millions of Venezuelans. Maduro should resign immediately. Image Credit: CNN

Breitbart reports on Venezuelean central bank issuing new bills

As inflation cripples the Venezuelean economy, the central bank has announced that it will begin issuing new bills up to 20,000 bolivars. The country is on the brink of collapse, as millions of Venezuelans cannot afford food and basic necessities. President Nicolas Maduro must resign immediately. Image Credit: Breitbart

Fox News publishes McCaul’s opinion piece on Venezuela

I wrote a new opinion piece about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela for Fox News. President Nicholas Maduro’s refusal to accept badly needed food and medical supplies is truly heartbreaking and unacceptable. Image Source: Fox News