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McCaul op-ed on U.S.-Israel alliance published in The Hill

The Iranian threat has increased exponentially due to an influx of billions of dollars to the regime that resulted from the Obama administration’s flawed nuclear deal that provided sanctions relief to a tyrannical regime. Image Credit: The Hill

The Hill reports on truck attack in Jerusalem

The horrible truck attack in Jerusalem is another example of how radical Islamists continue to target innocent people in Israel. We must stop the violence and protect America’s key ally in the Middle East. Image Credit: The Hill

The Wall Street Journal reports on U.N. Resolution against Israel

It is outrageous that the United States refused to veto the U.N. Security Council’s declaration against Israel. Our country has a special friendship with Israel – one that has lasted for decades. We must support Israel, especially with the unstable condition of the Middle East. Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The Dallas Morning News reports on cash payment to Iran

The Obama administration paid Iran $400 million around the same time four Americans were released from Iranian custody. This payment proves that preserving a disastrous nuclear deal is more important to this administration than making sure Americans and Israelis are protected. Image Credit: The Dallas Morning News