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McCaul on Morning Joe

This morning, I was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to talk about the Trump administration’s new plan to deport illegal immigrants, stopping future attacks from ISIS and updates on Syria.

McCaul on America’s Newsroom

I went on America’s Newsroom to talk about the Palm Sunday church bombings in Egypt and what we need to do to stop further attacks from ISIS.

Fox News reports on Palm Sunday attacks in Egypt

ISIS attacked innocent worshipers in Egypt on Sunday, killing 44 people and injuring hundreds. It is terrible that ISIS would target innocent worshipers on a Christian holy day and we must pray for the victims and their families. Image Credit: Fox News

The Washington Post reports on progress in the fight to recapture Mosul

For several years, ISIS has controlled Mosul and forced the city’s residents to live in terror. Now, Iraqi forces are making progress and recapturing significant parts of the city. Once ISIS is expelled from Mosul, residents will finally be able to live in peace. Image Credit: The Washington Post