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Breitbart reports on Texas security concerns about Syrian refugees

The Obama administration has still not provided enough information to local and state officials about whether Syrian refugees resettling in Texas pose a security threat. Without a comprehensive screening process, radical Islamist extremists could infiltrate Texas and launch new attacks. Image Credit: Breitbart

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Fox News examines Supreme Court’s ruling on Obama immigration plan

Illegal immigrants are taking advantage of preferential treatment from the Obama administration. Instead of being held accountable for breaking the law, they are receiving free college tuition, work permits and driver’s licenses. The Supreme Court has made it clear through the June 23rd 4-4 decision that President Obama doesn’t have the authority to change immigration laws.

Breitbart reports on Supreme Court rejection of executive amnesty

The Supreme Court’s June 23rd ruling against executive amnesty is a victory for the constitution. The 4-4 vote affirms the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that President Obama’s executive amnesty is unconstitutional and cannot go forward. President Obama is not a king – he cannot pass laws based on his will. That is up to …