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McCaul on Morning Joe

This morning, I was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to talk about the Trump administration’s new plan to deport illegal immigrants, stopping future attacks from ISIS and updates on Syria.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on bill that will ban sanctuary cities in Texas

Sanctuary cities provide illegal immigrants a safe haven to commit violent crimes against innocent victims. There is a bill in the Texas legislature that will finally stop sanctuary cities in our state. This crucial bill must be passed and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott. Image Credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Washington Free Beacon reports on decline in border crossings

The Trump administration’s policies are helping to reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border. This is promising news and a comprehensive border security system will ensure that America’s border will be protected from terrorists and criminals trying to enter the country. Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

McCaul speaks to Martha MacCallum on Fox News

I spoke with Martha MacCallum on Fox News about my recent trip to the border with other officials and what needs to be done to secure it. It was Speaker Ryan’s first trip to the border.