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McCaul on Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast

Please watch my pre-debate interview on Fox Business News’ “Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.” Hillary Clinton is a serious threat to our national security and we cannot elect her to be our country’s next President.

McCaul on The Chris Salcedo Show

In my interview with Chris Salcedo, I discussed calls for Pat Kennedy to resign and my op-ed on how Hillary Clinton is a serious threat to our nation’s cybersecurity.

Fox News reports on missing “bankers boxes” of Clinton emails

New FBI witness testimony on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation reveals that two “bankers boxes” of emails went missing. It’s another example of how Hillary Clinton is breaking the law and getting away with it. Image Source: Fox News

Breitbart reports on Clinton Foundation email about Greek bonds

Last week, the State Department revealed that it lost a 2012 email showing a potential financial conflict of interest between Hillary Clinton and insider information on Greek bonds. Once again, she has found another way to break the law without facing any consequences. Image Credit: Breitbart