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Fox News Insider reports on McCaul’s interview about President Trump’s immigration reform meeting

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said President Trump was “on top of his game” during a televised White House meeting with legislators regarding immigration reform. McCaul (R-Texas) said the discussion was bipartisan, bicameral and substantive. “I don’t know if that’s ever happened before,” he said, comparing Trump to a CEO in a boardroom. …

ABC News reports on President Trump signing the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act

President Donald Trump is continuing to improve medical care for veterans by signing the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act, which provides $2.1 billion to the Veterans Choice Program. This significant program provides veterans access to private medical care and allows them to choose between different facilities. Image Credit: ABC News

Reuters reports on President Trump’s speech on the urgent need to deport MS-13 members

President Donald Trump described in a speech to law enforcement officers last week the urgent need to locate and deport MS-13 members that target our communities. With more funding from Congress, ICE can find more illegal immigrants who are part of MS-13 and other dangerous gangs, and permanently deport them. Image Credit: Reuters