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CNN reports on the decline of Venezeula

Millions of Venezuelans are suffering because of the failure of socialism there. The situation will only improve once President Nicolas Maduro is removed from power. Image Credit: CNN

CNN reports on manhunt for suspects in Barcelona van attack

Last Thursday, 13 people were killed and 120 injured after five men with terror connections intentionally drove a van into a crowd in Barcelona. One of the suspects is on the run and he must be found to prevent more innocent people from becoming targets. Image Credit: CNN

CNN reports on McCaul’s Border Security for America Act

The Border Security for America Act supports local law enforcement officers fighting crime along the border by giving them the funding and equipment they need to protect their communities. Image Credit: Fox News

McCaul on “New Day”

I went on CNN’s “New Day” earlier today to explain why President Trump needs to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about Russian interference in our elections and how to stop North Korea from developing more long range missiles that could threaten America’s national security.

CNN reports on bridge helping Venezuelans obtain supplies from Colombia

As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues to worsen, Venezuelans are finding food, medicine and supplies thanks to a bridge that connects Venezuela with Colombia. This bridge has become a life line for Venezuelans struggling under the authoritarian regime of President Nicolas Maduro and the collapsing economy. Image Credit: CNN