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Breitbart reports on Bob Woodward calling Clinton Foundation “corrupt”

Accepting donations from adversary countries, pocketing donations meant for victims of natural disasters and favorable deals made while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. It’s pretty clear that Bob Woodward is right – the Clinton Foundation is corrupt and needs to be investigated. Image Credit: Breitbart

Breitbart reports on Clinton Foundation email about Greek bonds

Last week, the State Department revealed that it lost a 2012 email showing a potential financial conflict of interest between Hillary Clinton and insider information on Greek bonds. Once again, she has found another way to break the law without facing any consequences. Image Credit: Breitbart

Fox Business reports on IRS investigation of Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has been accused for years of not giving enough money to charities and the poor. Now, the IRS is launching a new investigation into how the Foundation receives and exchanges funds. Is the Clinton Foundation really improving the communities it claims to help? Image Credit: Fox Business News