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CNN reports on McCaul’s Border Security for America Act

The Border Security for America Act supports local law enforcement officers fighting crime along the border by giving them the funding and equipment they need to protect their communities. Image Credit: Fox News

The Washington Times reports on increase in border crossings

Although border crossings have declined since President Trump took office, recent statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show that border crossings increased in June. We must strengthen our border security now to prevent more illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Image Credit: The Washington Times

McCaul on Spectrum News’ “Capital Tonight”

Watch my latest interview with Spectrum News’ “Capital Tonight” where I talk about new changes to America’s national security, the importance of border security and trade agreements.

Fox News reports on proposed new budget

Under the proposed new budget, more funding could go to help border security and strengthen our military against threats. Image Credit: Fox News

The Washington Free Beacon reports on decline in border crossings

The Trump administration’s policies are helping to reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border. This is promising news and a comprehensive border security system will ensure that America’s border will be protected from terrorists and criminals trying to enter the country. Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

McCaul on Fox News

In my latest interview with Fox News, I shared my thoughts about President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. It is good to hear that President Trump is making border security one of his main priorities.