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Politico reports on intimidation of presidential electors

The 538 presidential electors will cast their votes today, and many have been intimidated to change their votes through threatening letters, emails and social media messages. This harassment is completely unacceptable and inexcusable. Image Credit: Politico

Congratulations President-elect Donald Trump

Last night the American people spoke loud and clear: our country needs to move in a different direction.  This election is a mandate for real change.  As we unite and move forward together, we will continue to drive conservative public policy towards a better way forward for the country.  As Chairman of House Homeland Security …

McCaul discusses the 2016 Election on Cavuto: Coast to Coast

In this morning’s interview with “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” I gave my final thoughts on this year’s election. This is an important election that will determine our country’s future and every vote will count. Americans must make sure that Hillary Clinton does not become our next President and endanger our national security.

McCaul on Capital Tonight

There have been a lot of questions about what will happen in the 2016 election. In my interview with Capital Tonight, I provided my perspective on this year’s election.