Visitingtroops (1)ObamaCare is fatally flawed and must be repealed. I have voted time and time again to repeal this burdensome and harmful law and believe it must be replaced with commonsense reforms that actually lower costs for patients, not increase premiums and charge for services people don’t want or need. Every American should have access to quality care that is more affordable and accessible regardless of pre-existing conditions. This can be done largely by allowing Americans without employer-sponsored care to buy their own plan on the same tax-advantaged system employers enjoy, by pooling businesses and groups to lower costs, and without new taxes that kill jobs. H.R. 3218, which I co-sponsored, is among the Republican alternative plans that would help to achieve this goal.

National Security

Regional Command (South) commander greets Representative McCaul

September 11 changed our lives forever. That day America woke up to the reality of a new enemy. Today’s terrorists have no care for innocent life and have vowed to bring America to its knees. My top priority is to help make sure this nation does not suffer another terrorist attack, and my work and votes reflect that important priority. In Afghanistan, we must continue the fight and work with the Afghani Government to finish the job and establish permanent peace. If we fail, the terrorists will succeed in implementing a radical Islamic state to use as a base for future terrorist attacks on the United States.

While the United States has not sustained a major attack since 9/11, al Qaeda and an expanding number of terrorist networks continue to plot against us. The recent rise of groups like ISIS only underscore the dangers we face. We must also remain a step ahead of the terrorists as they turn to recruiting American citizens to carry out their mission of Jihad in smaller scale attacks. President Trump is paying attention to these threats and is taking steps to protect our national security, such as increasing military funding.

Taxes and the Economy

Americans are taxed way too much. The success and boom we Texans have seen over the past decade is second to none and that is attributable to lower taxes and an environment that encourages business growth by creating an environment where people can succeed.

We also need to reform our outdated and antiquated tax code. Nobody understands it except the IRS, and they use their employees to target conservative political groups. We also need to simply the tax codes for individuals and families and lower overall rates for all hardworking Americans. The first phase of the Trump administration’s tax reform program gave millions of Americans a boost in their paychecks and the next phase plans to make these cuts permanent. I support these reforms, as it encourages job growth and keeps more money in your pocket.


img_0341 (1)Nothing less than everything we can afford should be spent on our veteran’s medical and after-service care. There was a time when this nation did not provided enough of the right kind of care, and I supported and fought for legislation to make sure that never happens again.

I worked with veteran’s groups to pass legislation, accommodating troops returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and helped bring the VA clinic to Tomball. In addition, I supported and the House passed significant increases for mental health services, prosthetics and dental care.

Our veterans will continue needing Congressional support and I pledge to be there for them, every step of the way.


black goldI am greatly concerned about America’s growing dependence on foreign sources of energy and the impact fossil fuels are having on our environment. Our reliance on imported energy only serves to increase our vulnerability to both external events and the actions of regimes that are, in many cases, openly hostile to the interests of the United States.

We must produce more energy in America of all forms in order to move toward energy independence. That is why I have supported an “all of the above” energy strategy that includes production of oil and gas, in addition to the accelerated research and development of alternative energies.


Stay Informed
Stay Informed