My Statesman reports on Texas state Sen. Perry bill ending sanctuary cities

Criminal aliens take advantage of sanctuary cities and use them to get back into our country, despite multiple deportations. I am pleased that Texas state senator Charles Perry has filed a bill calling for the enforcement of federal immigration laws and ending sanctuary cities. Image Credit: My Statesman

Breitbart reports on murder of East Texas child by illegal alien

I am deeply saddened by the news that a young girl in East Texas named Kayla Gomez-Orozco was murdered by an illegal alien who had previously been deported. This is a terrible tragedy that no family should ever endure. Image Credit: Breitbart

McCaul on Capital Tonight

There have been a lot of questions about what will happen in the 2016 election. In my interview with Capital Tonight, I provided my perspective on this year’s election.

Breitbart reports on Texas security concerns about Syrian refugees

The Obama administration has still not provided enough information to local and state officials about whether Syrian refugees resettling in Texas pose a security threat. Without a comprehensive screening process, radical Islamist extremists could infiltrate Texas and launch new attacks. Image Credit: Breitbart

Book talk and signing at Texas Public Policy Foundation

On Wednesday, I discussed and signed copies of my new book, “Failures of Imagination: The Deadliest Threats to Our Homeland–and How to Thwart Them”, at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin. As dangerous threats continue to grow, we must take action now to prevent an attack that could cripple our country.

Airborne ASPECT briefing at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

I was briefed by the Airborne ASPECT team at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on how their remote censoring aircraft provides crucial information to first responders when hazardous and radiological emergencies occur. Their eyes in the sky are helping protect our national security and I enjoyed learning more about their services.

Houston Chronicle reports on McCaul signing letter on Zika virus funding

Last week, I signed a letter, along with the rest of the Texas Congressional delegation, about the Obama administration refusing to release a $400 million spending measure for Zika virus funding. Texas needs this money now to develop new vaccines and medicines that will combat this dangerous illness. Image Credit: Houston Chronicle