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McCaul congratulates Sadie Keller

I would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to my friend, Sadie Keller. She accomplished her goal of collecting 10,000 toys for child cancer patients who will be in the hospital on Christmas. Great job, Sadie!

Sadie Keller’s story

Meet my friend and hero, Sadie Keller. She’s a leading advocate for children with cancer. We’ve become friends as we’ve worked together to fight childhood cancer. Watch the video of our story here:¬† Image Credit: NBC 5

Fox News reports on the Kate Steinle verdict

The Kate Steinle verdict is outrageous, and is a result of dangerous sanctuary cities like San Francisco putting their citizens at risk. Thankfully, the Justice Department is considering federal charges against her killer, who was an illegal alien previously deported FIVE times. Image Credit: Fox News

The National Review reports on California becoming a sanctuary state

While the government is pushing forward with building a border wall, California declared itself a ‘Sanctuary State’. This is extremely dangerous and an irresponsible policy. I provided my perspective on this issue in the below National Review article. Image Credit: National Review