Law Enforcement

The Washington Times reports on increase in border crossings

Although border crossings have declined since President Trump took office, recent statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show that border crossings increased in June. We must strengthen our border security now to prevent more illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Image Credit: The Washington Times

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the House voting on immigration bills

This week, the House is voting on bills designed to strengthen America’s immigration laws. One will cut funding to sanctuary cities and the other, known as “Kate’s Law”, will penalize illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being deported. Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

The Daily Caller reports on how sanctuary cities do more harm than good

Sanctuary cities do more harm than good, as they allow illegal immigrants with lengthy criminal histories to re-enter communities and commit more crimes. Eliminating sanctuary cities will help protect all Americans and make our communities safer. Image Credit: The Daily Caller