Hillary Clinton

McCaul on Chris Salcedo radio show

This morning, I was on the Chris Salcedo radio show to discuss last night’s Vice Presidential debate. Governor Pence was articulate, calm and delivered an outstanding performance. America was able to see two different agendas and why electing the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket would be a disaster for our country.

Breitbart reports on Clinton Foundation email about Greek bonds

Last week, the State Department revealed that it lost a 2012 email showing a potential financial conflict of interest between Hillary Clinton and insider information on Greek bonds. Once again, she has found another way to break the law without facing any consequences. Image Credit: Breitbart

McCaul on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto

Last night I appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto. I previewed the debate and made the case why Hillary Clinton can never be our president.

The Washington Times reports on Hillary Clinton’s economic plan

Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will further weaken our economy, with higher taxes and more government spending. If elected, she will continue President Obama’s disastrous economic policies and make it harder for you to keep your hard earned money. Image Credit: The Washington Times

The New York Times reports on Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview

Hillary Clinton claimed in her interview with the FBI that she does not remember receiving classified information on her private email server. She clearly breached our country’s national security and keeps lying to cover it up. Image Credit: The New York Times