McCaul on The Mark Davis Show

In my interview with Mark Davis, I talked about the final Presidential debate, the SAFE Act and my #BackTheBlue tour. The interview starts at 7:29.

Fox News reports on missing “bankers boxes” of Clinton emails

New FBI witness testimony on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation reveals that two “bankers boxes” of emails went missing. It’s another example of how Hillary Clinton is breaking the law and getting away with it. Image Source: Fox News

McCaul calls voters at Katy GOP Field Office

Earlier today, I visited the Katy GOP field office to meet volunteers and do some phone banking. I really appreciate all of the volunteers working so hard to help me get re-elected and deliver wins for other GOP candidates on November 8th.

McCaul on Chris Salcedo radio show

This morning, I was on the Chris Salcedo radio show to discuss last night’s Vice Presidential debate. Governor Pence was articulate, calm and delivered an outstanding performance. America was able to see two different agendas and why electing the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket would be a disaster for our country.

Breitbart reports on Clinton Foundation email about Greek bonds

Last week, the State Department revealed that it lost a 2012 email showing a potential financial conflict of interest between Hillary Clinton and insider information on Greek bonds. Once again, she has found another way to break the law without facing any consequences. Image Credit: Breitbart

McCaul on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto

Last night I appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto. I previewed the debate and made the case why Hillary Clinton can never be our president.