Securing Our Borders Will

  • • Take discretion out of hands of bureaucrats
  • • Complete the 700 miles of fence required by law
  • • Fully fund National Guard on the Border
  • • Save taxpayer dollars by redeploying assets from war zones
  • • Provide Sector by Sector analysis of needs
  • • Secure border through fencing, technology, and National Guard



America’s borders are our nation’s last line of defense in the War on Terror and they must be secured. During my first term in Congress, my subcommittee on Investigations issued a border security report showing evidence that terrorists want to exploit our porous borders to gain entry into the United States. It is for that reason alone America must make securing our borders the top priority. However, we are all aware of the problems this nation is having with illegal immigration and the negative impact illegal immigration is having on the United States.Congress must stop the flow of illegal immigrants first, before any debate begins about temporary guest worker programs. America has a right and, more importantly, a responsibility to determine who enters our nation and for what reasons. We must secure our borders and I will continue fighting to do so. In January 2015, I introduced the Secure Our Borders First Act. As Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, it is my duty to ensure the security and safety of the American people. That begins by securing our borders.


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Stay Informed