Inside Texas Politics: McCaul and Sadie Keller join Jason Whitely to discuss Childhood Cancer STAR Act

I along with 10-year-old Sadie Keller, a Leukemia survivor, joined Jason Whitely to discuss the Childhood Cancer STAR Act.

As chairman of Homeland Security, I protect Americans, and cancer is the number one killer of our children. Sadie Keller is my STAR and she is the best advocate on Capitol Hill to get this bill passed into law. Ms. Keller is excited to give a voice to the children we lose everyday while knocking on doors in D.C. to make a difference.

McCaul’s bill on pediatric cancer heads to president’s desk

Michael McCaul’s bill, the STAR Act, has passed both houses of Congress and is now headed to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law. It will go a long way toward fighting childhood cancer. Please watch the video and share it with your friends and family.

BLOOMBERG TV: Upcoming U.S. North Korea Summit and Security Border Bill

U.S. North Korea Summit:
“The purpose of the meeting with the South Korean President in the White House today is to try and get both the United States and South Korea on the same page going into these negotiations.”
Border Security Bill:
The bill “is pretty widely accepted by the members in our conference.”
“To create a special pathway for a certain class of people would be problematic on the Republican side because it would be used as amnesty. Where I do see some room for negotiation would be with [recent DACA applicants and currently eligible recipients].”

FOX NEWS: McCaul Discusses Santa Fe School Shooting with Dana Perino

ICYMI: McCaul Weighs in on Santa Fe Shooting on Fox News’

The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino.

“We’ve seen this play out too many times in our schools across our nation… This very week, I introduced a School Security bill to help harden our schools from these types of attacks to give Homeland Security grant funds for active shooter training programs and initiatives to help harden these targets.”

McCaul on North Korea trying to get concessions before summit

McCaul: The fatal flaw that’s happened over the previous three presidencies was the North Koreans playing us and continuing their nuclear weapons program. The White House is not surprised by North Korea’s tactic.

“I think the administration is playing itself perfectly by putting maximum pressure through sanctions.” McCaul advises “not to give into their concessions before you get to the negotiating table. You want to negotiate out of strength, not out of weakness.”