July, 2017

The Washington Times reports on increase in border crossings

Although border crossings have declined since President Trump took office, recent statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show that border crossings increased in June. We must strengthen our border security now to prevent more illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Image Credit: The Washington Times

KTRH reports on the death of Michael “Matt” Patrick Ryan

Michael “Matt” Patrick Ryan was a wonderful guy and did a fantastic job as the host of Houston’s Morning News. It is very sad to hear that he passed away on Sunday after battling cancer. Please join me and pray for his family during this difficult time. Image Credit: KTRH

Townhall reports on new ceasefire in Syria

One positive development from last week’s G20 Summit was reaching a ceasefire in Syria. After years of turmoil, it is time for a plan to help bring stability to Syria.   Image Credit: Townhall

McCaul on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo”

This morning I was on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” to discuss the G20 Summit, the new ceasefire with Russia over Syria and why we need to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

McCaul on “America’s Newsroom”

During my interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom”, I talked about several topics that could be discussed during President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, including how America and Russia could work together to defeat ISIS.

McCaul on “New Day”

I went on CNN’s “New Day” earlier today to explain why President Trump needs to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about Russian interference in our elections and how to stop North Korea from developing more long range missiles that could threaten America’s national security.

McCaul on “Morning Joe”

This morning, I went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin and why we need to strengthen our cybersecurity against Russian hackers.