June, 2017

McCaul on “America’s Newsroom”

Watch my interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” about the new TSA security requirements for flights coming into the U.S. and how they will help our national security.

McCaul on CNN

In my latest interview with CNN, I talked about whether Russia could interfere in future elections and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s remarks on Syria.

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the House voting on immigration bills

This week, the House is voting on bills designed to strengthen America’s immigration laws. One will cut funding to sanctuary cities and the other, known as “Kate’s Law”, will penalize illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being deported. Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

Fox News reports on President Trump signing the VA Accountability Act

President Trump has signed the VA Accountability Act, which helps protect whistle-blowers and makes it easier to remove poor performing employees. This new law is another positive step for the VA and will help improve care at VA hospitals. Image Credit: Fox News

CNN reports on the rise of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks

“Lone wolf” terrorist attacks are on the rise. Many of these terrorists, including the man who stabbed a police officer at Flint’s Airport on Wednesday, are self-radicalized and off the radar of authorities. Image Credit: CNN

McCaul op-ed on FoxNews.com

Regardless of which party is in power, we must be committed to keeping America safe from future attacks. In my latest op-ed on FoxNews.com, I explain why national security is an issue that transcends party lines and what will be discussed at today’s bipartisan Capitol Hill National Security Forum. Image Credit: FoxNews.com

Fox News reports on Democrats’ plan to delay AHCA vote

While millions of Americans are desperate for health care reform and an end to rising premiums, Democrats want to delay the July 4th vote on the American Health Care Act. We cannot delay voting on this important bill and must make sure it goes as scheduled. Image Credit: Fox News