May, 2017

Fox News reports on Manchester Arena attack

Last night’s attack in Manchester was absolutely horrible. This morning, the death toll went up to 22 people and many are still in the hospital recovering from their injuries. I hope you will join me and pray for the victims and their families. Image Credit: Fox News

The New York Times reports on tragedy in Times Square

Earlier today, 1 person was killed and 22 people were injured in Times Square when a car drove off the road and struck a large group of people. This is a terrible tragedy and I hope you will join me and pray for the victims. Image Credit: The New York Times

Politico reports on global ransomware attack locking up computer networks

More than 150 countries have been affected by a global ransomware attack that has locked up computer networks at corporations and hospitals. It is crucial that America strengthen its cybersecurity now, as these attacks are becoming more sophisticated and can cripple America’s infrastructure.   Image Credit: Politico

The Washington Post reports on North Korea’s newest ballistic missile

On Sunday, North Korea launched its newest ballistic missile, which lasted 30 minutes and could be capable of carrying a warhead. This is an alarming development, as it shows that North Korea is getting closer to developing a missile that could reach the U.S. Image Credit: The Washington Post