March, 2017

The Washington Times reports on Iran’s dangerous new counter-drone weapon

American military drones help detect and track enemy fighters in the Middle East. Now, Iran has developed a new counter-drone weapon designed to destroy our military drones. It is clear that Iran cannot be trusted and that the country does not have our best interests. Image Credit: The Washington Times

The Washington Free Beacon reports on decline in border crossings

The Trump administration’s policies are helping to reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border. This is promising news and a comprehensive border security system will ensure that America’s border will be protected from terrorists and criminals trying to enter the country. Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

McCaul op-ed on War on the Rocks about North Korea

North Korea continues to put America’s national security at risk by launching ballistic missiles and making threats against our country. The Trump administration needs to take action against North Korea by imposing more sanctions, cutting off funding and expanding America’s missile defenses. Image Credit: War on the Rocks

The Hill reports on plans to repeal Dodd-Frank

Many small banks were forced to close because of the new lending regulations created by Dodd-Frank. Repealing this disastrous law will make it easier for people to obtain loans and keep small banks in business. Image Credit: The Hill

McCaul on Fox News

In my latest interview with Fox News, I shared my thoughts about President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. It is good to hear that President Trump is making border security one of his main priorities.

McCaul speaks to Martha MacCallum on Fox News

I spoke with Martha MacCallum on Fox News about my recent trip to the border with other officials and what needs to be done to secure it. It was Speaker Ryan’s first trip to the border.