March, 2017

Fox News reports on death of top Al Qaeda leader

Last week, a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan killed top Al Qaeda leader Qari Yasin. Thanks to the successful airstrike, innocent people from around the world are much safer. Image Credit: Fox News

Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on bill that will ban sanctuary cities in Texas

Sanctuary cities provide illegal immigrants a safe haven to commit violent crimes against innocent victims. There is a bill in the Texas legislature that will finally stop sanctuary cities in our state. This crucial bill must be passed and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott. Image Credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fox News reports on North Korea’s latest missile test

The latest missile test by North Korea shows that the country is a dangerous threat to America’s national security. We must continue paying attention to North Korea and work with the international community to stop the reckless regime from building a ballistic missile that could target the U.S. Image Credit: Fox News