February, 2017

The New York Times reports on House proposal to replace Obamacare

Speaker Paul Ryan introduced a new proposal to replace Obamacare with a system that would include tax credits, health savings accounts, and allow consumers to purchase health insurance without being restricted by their state. This plan will make health insurance more affordable for all Americans. Image Credit: The New York Times

Fox News reports on DHS Secretary Kelly’s proposal to increase immigration officers

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced a new proposal to increase the number of immigration officers and make it easier to deport illegal immigrants. These proposals will greatly improve border security and prevent illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal histories, from coming into the country. Image Credit: Fox News

ABC News reports on taxes generated by Obamacare

Americans paid $1.1 trillion in taxes generated by Obamacare. Our country can no longer afford Obamacare and a new health care system must be implemented. Image Credit: ABC News

Fox News reports on Venezuelan asylum requests

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues to worsen, as Venezuelans led in asylum requests to our country in 2016. What is happening in Venezuela is a terrible tragedy and President Nicolas Maduro has failed to help his people. Image Credit: Fox News