December, 2016

CNN reports on how ISIS is evolving and the urgency to stop them

ISIS continues to evolve, as it prepares for new attacks in the West and increases recruiting through technology. We must stop ISIS by preventing radicalization within our local communities, increasing protection on our borders, strengthening our cybersecurity and putting more troops in the Middle East and North Africa. Image Credit: CNN

House Homeland Security Committee releases December Terror Threat Snapshot

The December Terror Threat Snapshot shows that ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are continuing to recruit and radicalize new operatives. With devise leadership and a comprehensive counterterrorism plan, we will be able to defeat our enemies and stop new attacks. Image Credit: House Homeland Security Committee

The New York Times reports on the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be completed in order to reduce our country’s dependency on foreign oil from the Middle East. By using more domestic energy sources, we can reduce energy prices and protect our national security. Image Credit: The New York Times

The Houston Chronicle reports on Italian voters rejecting referendum

Italians voted on whether to pass a referendum supported by Premier Matteo Renzi to change the Constitution and give more power to the central government. With 60% of voters rejecting the referendum, it’s clear that Italians want to keep power with the regional states and not Rome. Image Credit: The Houston Chronicle

ABC News reports on Oakland warehouse fire

The Oakland warehouse fire was a terrible tragedy and I am sad to hear that the death toll continues to rise. I hope you will join me in praying for the victims and their families. Image Credit: ABC News

Fox News publishes McCaul op-ed on stopping illegal immigration crisis

I wrote a new op-ed for Fox News explaining the new changes to border security and immigration policy that will occur starting next month. I will work with President-elect Donald Trump and his administration to stop the illegal immigration crisis. This will consist of more border security, a new border wall, working with our allies …

The New Yorker reports on sanctuary cities

Illegal immigrants take advantage of sanctuary cities to commit crimes and stay in the U.S. without being deported. We need to end sanctuary cities immediately in order to keep Americans safe. Image Credit: The New Yorker