December, 2016

Washington Post reports on ISIS reclaiming Palmyra

ISIS has reclaimed the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and continues to gain more territory in the Middle East at an alarming rate. It is clear that ISIS is not retreating – it is expanding and we must stop them now. Image Credit: The Washington Post

Breitbart reports on Venezuelean central bank issuing new bills

As inflation cripples the Venezuelean economy, the central bank has announced that it will begin issuing new bills up to 20,000 bolivars. The country is on the brink of collapse, as millions of Venezuelans cannot afford food and basic necessities. President Nicolas Maduro must resign immediately. Image Credit: Breitbart

Fox News reports on ‘sham’ Ghana Embassy

I am outraged a ‘sham’ U.S. embassy in Ghana was not found and shut down sooner. The criminals operating the embassy violated U.S. immigration laws and breached our national security by distributing illegal visas, fake passports and forged supporting documents. Image Credit: Fox News

McCaul gives State of Homeland Security Address at the Heritage Foundation

I gave my State of Homeland Security Address at the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday. America faces a grave terror threat from ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. We must prevent any new attacks on American soil by securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, protecting our cyber security and stopping radicalization of new recruits before it …

The Washington Free Beacon reports on rising health care costs

Last year, health care costs totaled $3.2 trillion, forcing many poor and middle class families to choose which bills to pay and to cut down on basic necessities. Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a new system that helps American families save money and provides them with more options. Image Credit: The Washington Free …