December, 2016

USA Today reports on VA releasing quality-of-care ratings

After refusing to listen to veterans and their families, the VA has finally released quality-of-care ratings for its medical facilities. These ratings should have been made public years ago and changes must be made to ensure veterans receive the care they deserve. Image Credit: USA Today

Fox News reports on ISIS connection to Berlin Christmas market attack

Before Italian police killed him, the suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack pledged allegiance to ISIS. We need to strengthen our national security and prevent more people from being radicalized to stop more of these horrendous attacks. Image Credit: Fox News

The Wall Street Journal reports on U.N. Resolution against Israel

It is outrageous that the United States refused to veto the U.N. Security Council’s declaration against Israel. Our country has a special friendship with Israel – one that has lasted for decades. We must support Israel, especially with the unstable condition of the Middle East. Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Breitbart reports on FedEx delivering Christmas trees for military families

For many military families, Christmas can be a tough time. Many soldiers are serving overseas and are separated from their families. One company, FedEx, plans to help make Christmas a little better for thousands of military families by delivering 18,000 Christmas trees. Image Credit: Breitbart  

The Hill reports on new insurance payments rules for Obamacare

The Obama administration is creating new rules on calculating insurance payments and documentation for new applicants. However, none of these new rules will help millions of Americans struggling to pay rising monthly premiums. Image Credit: The Hill

The New York Times reports on Chinese seizure of American military drone

The seizure of an American military drone shows that China is trying to provoke our country. We must strengthen our military and monitor China more closely to prevent additional international incidents that threaten our national security. Image Credit: The New York Times

Politico reports on intimidation of presidential electors

The 538 presidential electors will cast their votes today, and many have been intimidated to change their votes through threatening letters, emails and social media messages. This harassment is completely unacceptable and inexcusable. Image Credit: Politico