September, 2016

CNN reports on Minnesota mall attack

ISIS has claimed responsibility in last weekend’s Minnesota mall attack. We must take urgent steps to strengthen our national security and prevent Islamists from entering our country. Image Source: CNN  

McCaul on “America’s Newsroom”

Earlier today, I was on “America’s Newsroom” to provide updates on last weekend’s attacks in New York City and New Jersey and the need for an effective counterterrorism strategy.

McCaul on “Morning Joe”

I was on “Morning Joe” to discuss new updates on the New York and New Jersey bombings.

Giddings hosts the Brain Power Five & Dime Run

The Brain Power Five & Dime Run returns to Giddings on September 17th. Racers can choose between different distances and all funds benefit Alzheimer’s research.   Image Credit: Giddings New Horizons Lions

9/11 Fifteen Years Later

The Atlantic asks Michael McCaul: Fifteen years after 9/11, are we any safer?