August, 2016

Schulenburg Festival is happening August 4th-7th

The Schulenburg Festival will be August 4th-7th and will feature live music, a rodeo, chili cook-off and more fun activities. This is a great way to enjoy Schluenburg during the summer! Image Credit: Visit Fayette County

Fox Business reports on IRS investigation of Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has been accused for years of not giving enough money to charities and the poor. Now, the IRS is launching a new investigation into how the Foundation receives and exchanges funds. Is the Clinton Foundation really improving the communities it claims to help? Image Credit: Fox Business News

The Dallas Morning News reports on cash payment to Iran

The Obama administration paid Iran $400 million around the same time four Americans were released from Iranian custody. This payment proves that preserving a disastrous nuclear deal is more important to this administration than making sure Americans and Israelis are protected. Image Credit: The Dallas Morning News

The Dally Caller reports on American security vulnerabilities

As radical Islamists continue to threaten our country, the Obama administration has failed to close security vulnerabilities at airports and in the digital world. We must revamp TSA and start hiring more cybersecurity experts now in order to fix these gaping security holes. Image Credit: The Daily Caller  

Columbus is having its Shop Local Poker Stroll

Support local businesses by joining Columbus’ Shop Local Poker Stroll. Starting August 1st, spend $5 or more at a participating merchant and you will be able to draw a card out of the merchant’s deck. Once you visit five merchants and receive a poker hand, you can turn your cards into the Columbus Chamber of …

CSO reports about new directive on cybersecurity attacks

Last week, the administration approved a new directive to help federal agencies respond to cybersecurity attacks. Even though this is a step in the right direction, the directive is not enough to prevent federal agencies from being targeted by hackers. Image Credit: CSO