July, 2016

Brenham’s Unity Theater Presents Pinocchio

From July 28th-31st, Brenham’s Unity Theater will be featuring its production of “Pinocchio.” This version of the beloved children’s novel is set in Italy and shows how nothing compares to the bond between children and parents. Image Credit: Unity Theatre – Brenham, Texas

Breitbart reports on Democrats refusing to mention terrorism at Democratic National Convention

“Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, charges that the refusal to mention terrorism in speeches at the Democratic National Convention is a “complete and utter failure of responsibility by Hillary Clinton, her party, and her hand picked surrogates.” http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/07/27/homesec-committee-democrats-refusing-mention-terrorism-dnc-convention/  

Wallis Fun Fest on July 29th-30th

Wallis is having its Fun Fest July 29th-30th. There will be a BBQ cook off, a car show, live auction and more. This is a great event for the whole family! http://austincountynewsonline.com/event/wallis-fun-fest/

CNS News reports on ISIS-linked terrorism plots

ISIS has reached a terrible milestone, as they have now been linked to 100+ terror plots against Western countries. Of these plots, 41% targeted the U.S. By failing to take the fight to the enemy overseas, ISIS continues sending their dispatchers into our country to launch deadly plots.   Homeland Security Committee: U.S. Top Target …